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Dec 23, 2022

Top 8 ways to make your rental feel like home

Just because you don't own your new rental, doesn’t mean you can't make it feel like home. With renters making up a high percentage of the Australian population, more and more people are struggling with the constant stress of moving from place to place and never really feeling settled. It can be tough giving your outdated rental a makeover especially without losing your bond. So, here  are 8 tips to help you make your rental feel like home. ASK, ASK, ASK Don’t be afraid to ask your landlord or agency if it’s alright to hang art or photos on the walls (with either adhesive hooks or nails). The worst that can happen is they say no and you have to get creative with the ways you display your artwork and pictures. The same goes for painting a wall here and there. You can have discussions on colour palettes you're both happy with or that you will return it to the original colour at the end of your tenancy. WORK WITH THE HOUSE’S AESTHETIC Your new rental is in the perfect location, it’s close to schools, cafes and work, but you’re not a fan of the aesthetic. One of the best ways to make your rental feel like home is incorporating your own style into the house’s existing aesthetic. For example, if your new place is very 70’s inspired, incorporate some of that into your interiors with coloured rugs or retro looking artworks. On top of your existing furnishings and style, make sure to add statement pieces to blend the two aesthetics seamlessly and to modernise the space. WIDNOW FURNISHINGS Changing out those daggy old curtains that have seen countless other tenants is a simple and quick way to elevate any room in your new rental. Pick a cheap and neutral colour curtain that matches your aesthetic and you know you will use in future rentals. A quick look at Ikea or Spotlight will provide you with heaps of options for under $20. LIGHTING Don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting in your rental. Simply changing out the soft, warm white lightbulbs for natural or cool white lightbulbs (or vice versa) in your new home can immediately enhance the space. Add some desk and standing lamps to immediately brighten the rooms. To go one step further, ask the owner if you can swap out any of the hanging light fixtures for the duration of your tenancy (just make sure you hire a professional if it is approved). BRING YOUR GARDEN WITH YOU Just because you don't own your own home, doesn't mean you can’t have your own garden. Add either an indoor herb garden in your kitchen or on your balcony for a useful way to bring some greenery into the space. Adding a mixture of large and small indoor plants around your rental in cute pots that match your aesthetic makes for an easy way to fill the space or cover any existing marks on the walls or floors. Don't worry, even if you don't have a green thumb there are plenty of inexpensive artificial plants on sale MAXIMISE YOUR SPACE Just because your landlord does not allow for hooks on the walls, doesn't mean you aren't able to display your favourite art pieces and photos. Line bookshelves with your family happy snaps and lean your larger artworks and mirrors against the walls for a cosy feel. You can even stack your books around on the floors and in place of a bedside table if your new rental’s storage does not support your reading habits. RUGS Placing a rug in almost any room can make it instantly feel more homely. The rugs can be extremely different between the kid’s rooms and the dining room, or can be more uniform throughout. You can even layer rugs in different spaces such as the living room to better define the space and add a pop of colour. Rugs are such a great way to personalise your new home and they're pretty good at covering up daggy old carpets and flooring too. DECORATE LIKE YOU’LL LIVE THERE FOREVER Finally, decorate like you’ll be living in this place forever. Yes, I know packing and unpacking can get tedious and repetitive, but lining your shelves with the things that you love, instantly personalises the space and makes it feel like home. Leaving your memories in boxes waiting to be displayed when you eventually buy a house is no use to anyone, so fill your space with items that remind your of that 2007 family Christmas, your gap year in London or even your first dog Louie.