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Ending Your Lease Early

We understand that sometimes personal circumstances change and a tenant may need to end their lease early. If this is the case, please find outlined below the process of ending your lease early.

There are two fees that are associated with ending your lease early:

• Letting Fee - one week's rent, plus GST
• Advertising Fee - $150

The two costs are to reimburse the owner for the cost in sourcing a new tenant (as they expected to still have a tenancy in place). In addition to these costs you will need to pay rent up to when the new tenant moves into the property, plus maintain the property until that time.

You must give the Property Manager two weeks written notice by filling out a Notice of Intention to Leave (Form 13). Once we have received the form we will begin advertising the property and Maria will be in contact to arrange a suitable time to bring prospective tenants through.

In the meantime, please find the vacate information, cleaning checklist and and form above.

As it can be difficult to find new tenants, you are more than welcome to assist in the process. You can place an ad on Gumtree of Facebook and show prospective applicants through.

The bond can be used to cover the costs if you wish, however you will need to pay any variance. The bond cleaner is usually booked out a fair way in advance so please give her a call as soon as possible if you wish to use her services.